3 Easy Tips To Having A Happy Day

Who doesn’t want to have a Happy Day every day? Ever heard of the proverb, where there is a will, there is a way? Today, I will be sharing my 3 tips (my “way”) on how to achieve a Happy Day (my “will”) with you. By now you must be thinking… “So, how can I boost my own happiness?”. The answer is simple. Remember the 3 keywords “Do”, “Feel” & “Listen” to master the art of a cheerful day!

1 Do Some Good for Someone Else

I know, you are probably thinking… What? Is she crazy? That is counterproductive! However, when you attempt to cheer someone else up, to ‘make their day’ or tell them that “Today Is Going To Be A Happy Day”, then you will not only be changing their expectation of the day but simultaneously altering your own frame of mind. Focussing on the wellbeing of others, only for a moment, may give you a much-needed break from your own thoughts, resulting in a positively changed perspective on your ‘world’ or ‘life as you know it’.


  • Simply wish someone else a good morning
  • Search for an uplifting, motivational or inspirational message or meme online & pass it along
  • SMILE at someone who needs it

Photo by Sandrachile on Unsplash

2 Feel the Rhythm of the Music

The psychological effects of music are endless, in fact to such a great extent that Music Therapy is currently considered to be an established profession in the health industry. In 2013, The Journal of Positive Psychology published a study which found that happy music combined with the intention to be happier can be an effective way to improve a person’s overall happiness. Choose music that inspires you, encourages you & instills a feeling of joy that is strong enough to motivate you throughout the day.


  • Play uplifting, upbeat songs when you wake up in the morning or while you are getting ready for work
  • If you aren’t sure what to play, then perhaps browse through Spotify & select a playlist by mood for example, ‘Wake Up Happy’ (there are many more options to choose from)
  • Play happy music on your way to work (in your car or through your phone) to kick-start your day

Photo by Shelbey Miller on Unsplash

3 Listen to an Inspirational or Spiritual Talk

When it is one of those mornings when you wish the day was already over before it had even begun or you are desperately trying to see ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’, but there is just ‘nada/ nothing/ darkness’, a good solution could be to listen to what I call a ‘mood booster’. It is up to you to listen to something of an inspirational, religious or spiritual nature, depending of course on the content & sound that resonates with you most. I prefer listening to optimistic, spiritual, in my case specifically religious talks during these times & I attempt to listen to it daily, even when I think life is only ‘sunshine & roses’. Interestingly, a study conducted in 2012 in the journal called, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, found that spirituality (especially applied daily) facilitated positive emotions. Concurrently, the study also found that spirituality encouraged a favourable self-esteem & perspective on ‘the meaning of life’. So there you have it, even the human sciences suggest that spirituality promotes optimism. Note: Remember that spirituality & religion does not have the same meaning. Have a look at Dr. Kathleen Hall’s short explanation.


  • Podcasts (For religious talks, I listen to Joel Osteen/Joyce Meyer and so forth)
  • TED Talks (A talk by Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., health psychologist & many more inspiring people)

Photo by Pixabay

I hope this blog post adds some sparkle to your life.

A happy day is only 3 keywords away!

With love,


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