Ten heartfelt ideas on How to Give Money as a Christmas Gift

To my readers,

Are you running around like headless chickens trying to squeeze in some last minute shopping before the 25th of December? Can you relate to breathing a huge sigh of relief for having finally arrived at the shopping mall when the dreadful question of, “What should I get Johnny, Sally, Simon, Betty and so forth for Christmas?” hits you like a ton of bricks? Then to make matters even worse, just as you begin to look around at the in-store products, you realise that you are in a dilemma and a particular thought, “so many options, yet so little time!” is stuck inside your head. If you have been nodding while reading this, then today is your lucky day! The ten heartfelt ideas on ‘How to Give Money as a Christmas Gift’ will definitely calm your nerves for this festive season.

Giving cash or a voucher to a loved one can easily be misconstrued as an effortless or impersonal act, when in fact that is almost never true. Do you want to spark up your gift with a little love and Christmas cheer? Then have a quick-read below. To my fellow ‘headless chickens’, I’m holding thumbs that we won’t find each other in the shopping malls for the rest of the season.

The following are gifts for,

The Christmas Enthusiast

The person that absolutely adores the festive season, from bold and cliched decorative elements to the most absurd stocking fillers.

Gift Idea: DIY Christmas Bauble.

How can I do this?

  • Open up the bauble (either on the top or in the middle – depending on which type you bought)
  • Roll up or fold a few bank notes as tiny as possible or gather a small handful of coins
  • Insert the banknotes, coins, a special note or a small gift (i.e. nail polish) and perhaps a few sprinkles for decoration, if the bauble is clear.
  • Paint the bauble a festive colour and write a Christmas wish or a friend’s name on the front of the bauble.

Where can I buy this? Takealot, Woolworths, Dischem

The Neat Freak

Almost every family has a member who is obsessed with planning, making lists, scheduling events and frankly just organizing everything. Or, perhaps, if your family is anything like mine, “the more the merrier” comes to mind.

Gift Idea: Notebook, Diary, Daily Planner, Calendar

How can I do this?

  • When there are dates present in the gift, just put the voucher or banknotes into an envelope and stick it to the page of the 25th of December.
  • Perhaps choose a bright coloured envelope and allow it to extend beyond the top of the page, acting as a bookmark.
  • The book will probably be according to 2019’s calendar, but not to worry I’m sure your loved one will catch on to the idea.

Where can I buy this? Typo, Woolworths, Cum Books, Mr Price Home, CNA

The Chocoholic

Gift Idea: Chocolate Gift Box

Now, who doesn’t LOVE chocolate? This one is for almost any family member or friend. Definitely a safe option and very unlikely to disappoint.

How can I do this?

  • Purchase a gift box of a selection of chocolates.
  • Remove a few of the chocolates from the box (I’m sure you already know what you’re going to do with these), however, leave the packaging.
  • Then fold or roll banknotes so that it fits into the empty spaces. You can even fill some spaces with a heap of coins to make it more interesting.

Where can I buy this? Pick ‘n Pay, Woolworths, Dischem, CNA, Clicks, Game, Gift Shops, Lindt, Geldhof

The Curious Mind

This gift is for the loved one who cannot help but snoop around the Christmas tree. Yes, I know what you are thinking, “that one person who shakes and weighs the gifts in order to determine its contents”. The one who simply can’t survive the ‘long haul’ until Christmas morning to unwrap those awesome gifts.

Gift Idea: Gift Box with a Surprise Balloon or Gift Bag Inside

How can I do this?

  • Choose a Christmas themed gift box.
  • Choose a balloon in the shape, size or colour of your preference and then insert rolled banknotes and a tiny “Merry Christmas” note. Fill the balloon with air and place inside the gift box.
  • You can choose a heart-shaped balloon or even a clear balloon and fill it with folded cash and confetti.
  • For a less risky task, fill a tiny gift bag with a mixture of folded banknotes & coins. If you really want to be creative, add in a few CHOCOLATE COINS.

Where can I buy this? CNA, Cardies, Gift Shops, Woolworths, The Crazy Store

The Sweetheart

This gift idea is a bit ambiguous and can even be a little sneaky. It can either refer to a loved one who has a sweetheart personality that everyone adores OR it can be a pretty obvious clue to reveal the secret sweet tooth of the family.

How can I do this?

  • Purchase a clear glass jar and fill the entire jar with sugar candy or anything that is colourful and delicious.
  • Then insert a tiny gift bag or envelope in the centre. Of course, the idea is to fold a few banknotes and hide it inside the gift bag or mini envelope.
  • Decorate the jar with a ribbon or a name tag.

Where can I buy this? Crazy Plastics, Console, Plastilon, The Crazy Store, Mr Price Home

The Shutterbug

This is for the photographer of the family, the person that can’t pass up an opportunity to capture a memory with a photo. It can even be a great gift for the ‘Kim’ of the family… ‘selfie time’?

Gift Idea: Personalised Photo Album

How can I do this?

  • Purchase a photo album and insert a few photographs of special moments inside the clear pockets or buy a notebook and stick a few photographs on the first few pages.
  • Be creative and write on the photographs or on an empty page next to it.
  • Somewhere in between the photographs, find an empty pocket or page to insert a small envelope with a few folded banknotes and a card or little note, saying “Merry Christmas”. Write on top of the envelope, “Christmas 2018. The best memories are yet to come”.
  • Either wrap it or just tie a ribbon around it and fold a tiny bow.

Where can I buy this? CNA, Mr Price Home, QPhoto, FotoFirst, Kodak Express, Game

The Romantic

This person is the soul of the family, the soft-hearted and sentimental loved one. This is the friend or loved one that is the epitome of the saying, “looking deeper than the surface”.

How can I do this?

  • Purchase a photo frame of your choice and decorate it by sticking chocolate hearts on top of the frame.
  • Either leave the promotional image that the frame is sold with inside the frame or replace it with a personal photo or note. Perhaps write a Christmas blessing down or a relevant clue, such as, “Looking deeper than the surface”.
  • Hide the cash or voucher in between the promotional image and the back portion/cover of the gift frame.
  • Tie a piece of ribbon around it with a big, love-filled bow.

Where can I buy this? Mr Price Home, @ Home, Woolworths, Game

The Health Nut

This is for the tree-huggers in the family, who truly loves and respects nature. On a funnier note, only if the person won’t take offense, a gift of nuts might just mean, ‘what you see is what you get’. The nutty one in the family! The person that you love because of their bold, passionate and excitable personality. If it is for your girlfriend, boyfriend or life partner, then the perfect romantic gesture would be to choose a one coloured gift box i.e. silver and write, “I am NUTS about you!” on it.

How can I do this?

  • Purchase a gift box, bag or jar and fill it entirely with nuts, leaving just enough space to create a hidden centre.
  • Insert a small envelope/bag filled with coins or notes and hide it in the centre.
  • Wrap it and leave it underneath the Christmas tree.

Where can I buy this? CNA, Mr Price Home, Woolworths, Clicks, Dischem, Montagu Dried Fruits & Nuts, Lynnpark Food Hall, Spar

The Joker

This is the person in the family with a great sense of humour. Perhaps, the entertainer and the one you can always count on to ‘break the ice’ in an awkward situation. The one that makes you laugh so much, that tears start to roll down your face.

How can I do this?

  • Purchase a standard deck of playing cards.
  • Then remove all the ‘Joker cards’ from the packet and replace it with bank notes folded according to the size of the of the cards.
  • Add a little note as a clue (ensure it is easily visible), perhaps saying something like, “this time the joke is on you!”.
  • Close the packet back up & gift wrap it.

Where can I buy this? CNA, Game, Clicks, Dischem, Makro

The Caffeine Addict

This is the person in the family that you honestly can’t have a memorable conversation with unless they have had their daily dose of caffeine. They simply can’t live without coffee! On a different note, we all love someone who has not yet mastered the skill of keeping a secret quite so well. Let’s just be honest, we have all slipped up sometime or another. This gift might just be the best one yet.

How can I do this?

  • Purchase a Hessian (Burlap) fabric bag in whichever size you prefer.
  • Fill the bag with coffee beans from your favourite supplier.
  • Create a hidden centre in which to hide the coins or cash that you would like to give.
  • Then close the top with a ribbon or thin rope, including a little note or tag that either says, “be full of beans” (be in high spirits/excited) or “spill the beans” (telling the story).

Where can I buy this? Truth, Terbodoro, Woolworths, TriBeCa, Metro

Just remember that Christmas isn’t about the how big or small a gift is. It is all about how much love the gift is given with. It is the thought that counts!

Note that statements made and opinions reflected in this blog do not represent those of any of the entities mentioned or discussed herein. The blogger is furthermore not a representative or agent of the entities referred to in this blog.

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