I fell in love with the most charming hilltop village in the world… Taormina, Sicily

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To my dearest readers,

Taormina is a quaint village that genuinely fills your heart with joy. It is an ancient village, founded around 400BC and built on the top of a mountain. It is famous for the Teatro Greco, where you can still sit and watch concerts today. I can’t explain the feeling of how in awe I was when I realised that thousands of years ago people built that magnificent structure, without the technology that we have today. When you reach the top of the amphitheater with multiple other tourists, somehow you are still able to find tremendous peace and serenity. The view from the top is breathtakingly beautiful! Taormina is also close to Mount Etna, the famous active volcano that you can explore, however the view of the volcano was enough of an adrenaline rush for me! Taormina has many other sights to visit too, but my favourite is the charming village itself. The village is fabulously colourful; ranging from a variety of painted walls, stylish shop displays, art, and pretty flowers everywhere.

The main street is called Corso Umberto and runs through the centre of the village. I love it, because it always feels vibrant and it has many enchanting boutiques that are simply irresistible. There are tiny streets that either go downwards from Corso Umberto or extends higher up towards the hilltop. I felt like I was continuously climbing a spiral of stairs… I wouldn’t refer to it as ‘streets’ per se, but rather as stairways or passageways. The tiny ‘streets’ are exploratory and fascinating, with signage boards of restaurants and shops peeking out from the walls. Some of the restaurants even set up tables and chairs on the steps, it is truly unique. It’s magical! At night Taormina comes alive, the streets and restaurants are filled with people and all the shops stay open till quite late. In the evening, when most of the tourists have left, the atmosphere is especially romantic. People ‘dress to impress’ and astonishingly enough the ladies manage to walk steadily, with their towering high heels, on the pebble streets! I had to swallow my pride and carry my heels in my hand, as you might imagine from there on forward I only wore pumps. It felt like a blessing to admire the picturesque setting, watching couples holding hands, friends laughing on their way to the nightclubs walking up the main street.

In the photographs, you will notice that it looks dilapidated and imperfect; paint chipping off from the walls, buildings looking skew, art unusually displayed and flowers planted in strange places, yet it remains exquisite. As confusing and contradictory as it may sound, that is where you grasp that imperfection can be even more beautiful than perfection. That is the absolute definition of adoring beauty! Taormina touches your heart, because there is more to it than the eye can see. There is sentimental value in everything around you, it is a place with an incredible history and unlike the new buildings and cities we build today. In the next post, I will write about Taormina leading to a spectacular stretch of land and a tiny island called, Isola Bella. Don’t miss out!




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Teatro Greco  Wunderbar Caffe  Restorante A Zammare Taormina Information

3 thoughts on “I fell in love with the most charming hilltop village in the world… Taormina, Sicily

  1. Samantha says:

    Oh, wow! Stunning photos! Is that a tree INSIDE a restaurant?

    Great, another place to put on my list to visit, haha (it never seems to decrease in size, I keep adding new places to it D:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • adoringbeautyblog says:

      Hi Samantha. Yes, there are actually a few orange trees. They also hang small lights in the trees, which creates a lovely setting for dinner. Honestly, the photos doesn’t do it justice. I’m releasing a post on the beach side of Taormina this week. I think you might like it. Thank you for commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

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