Are you going to be a sunshine girl this weekend?

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To my dearest readers,

Lets get to it ladies… Fashion! I absolutely love it, because it symbolises freedom of expression that allows you to communicate without saying a word. It is a liberating experience to uncover what the word means to you and a chance for you to have incredible fun!

What do I mean by a Sunshine Girl? To me a Sunshine Girl represents cheerfulness, happiness and excitement for new beginnings. The striking, yellow light that peeks through the gap in-between the curtains early in the morning when you open your eyes, gives you strength and hope to live yet another day. That is when you realise that it is a NEW DAY for you to love, enjoy and a chance to start all over again! Isn’t it a blessing? When my husband and I got married a few years ago, our minister said something beautiful that will never escape my mind, “Start everyday afresh and forgive each other for everything that happened before today. Find a way to love each other again every single day…”. I wasn’t a Sunshine Girl before I heard those words… Gosh, to be honest I despised the colour yellow and guess what? My wedding turned out to be very yellow! That is a story for another day though… My point is embrace everyday and if you don’t like yellow, just give it a try! Find the Sunshine in you!

Please refer below for an in depth explanation of the Sunshine Girl outfit. I attached links to the websites for you, just click on them. Also keep in mind that you can create this outfit buy buying more affordable items or even more expensive items. Whatever works for you is perfect, because the idea is to make the outfit your own! The items aren’t new and I don’t think that you will still find all of it in the shops anymore, but I will mention the names an anyway, because these shops usually has something beautiful to browse through. Oh and remember, ladies…SALES! Another blessing!


The Sunshine Girl Outfit

  1. Neutral colours are the basics that you need, it’s a great investment to mix and match. Introduce a dash of colour with tops and accessories.
  2. Dress according to your body shape, I usually emphasise my waist but try to create a ‘flattened stomach’ appearance.
  3. The yellow blouse is a crop-top, however it is loose and flows with movement. Forever New
  4. The off-white medium to high waisted pants fits tight around the stomach area creating a slimming effect. Country Road
  5. The nude shade belt is there to tie the shoes and the handbag together. Studio W
  6. The nude, soft leather handbag with a golden chain creates a sparkling and feminine effect. Michael Kors (You can find this brand in boutiques in SA and there is also a MK shop that opened up at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town)
  7. The nude pumps, with multi-colour bows on top, emphasises the yellow blouse. Socrati
  8. The gold jewelry is simply to tie together the gold from both the handbag and shoes. Witchery & Mimco

Please comment, ask me questions and share your thoughts and ideas! I am looking forward to hearing from you! PS: please remember to follow my MY BLOG!



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