Tip 5: When my nails look beautiful it inspires me to embrace my femininity

IMG_7906 IMG_7910IMG_7907

To all my lady readers,

Don’t worry guys, I promise there are still many tips to come that applies to everyone. This post is light-hearted, yet it has made a wonderful difference in my life and I hope it can be just as exuberant to you!

It is not always possible to get to the nail salon or to book an appointment in advance, because the future is unpredictable. I know women whom are mother’s, pregnant, chronically ill and just too busy to fit an appointment into their daily schedules. I have always had brittle nails, until recently. I tried a few nail salon’s over the years and I find the smell of the products particularly daunting. I love going for pedicures though, however it depends if on the ability for me to go!

I had to find something that solved my dilemma, something that I could do at home too! There it was ladies, imPress nails! In my experience they usually last up to a week or even two. They are so easy and quick to apply before an event to match your outfit (please refer to photo at the bottom of the post). They are easy and fast to remove too, no need to soak it off! They have a great variety to choose from, you can go bold or neutral. I find it very convenient and affordable, because you can buy it at Dischem Broadway ImPress Nails or  Clicks Broadway ImPress Nails or Zando Broadway ImPress Nails and many other stores too. When you are too exhausted to spend time on your nails it’s like…magic wond

I feel beautiful when my nails look magical, because even though I might feel ill, look pale and dreary, the funky nails lifts my spirit! It is tremendous fun to try something different every week. My mom has always had her nails done with a bright red colour, since I was a little girl. Her red nails clearly made a lasting impression on me and it has inspired me to have fun with my nails ever since! Her nails revealed her personality, she was always confident, easygoing and compassionate to fight for people who needed her help. I admired her for that. At first I was only allowed Tinkerbell nail polish of course, but luckily my granny allowed me to paint her nails with adult nail polish all the time. It has given me the chance to enjoy being a ‘girly’ girl. Most of all it has inspired me to embrace my femininity.

My nails are quite strong now, finally my granny’s genes kicked in! It’s about time, right? So I’ve been trying lots of nail polish varieties recently, especially long-lasting gel polish. I hope that you have tremendous fun with your nails ladies, either with nail polish, ImPress nails or at the salon. As long as it makes you feel beautiful, happy and feminine!

With Love,



Broadway ImPress nails applied in a rush for a friend’s wedding!

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