Tip 3: Can you be carefree – even if it is just for a moment?

To my dearest readers,

Can you be carefree, like a child? Do you even remember what it felt like when you had no other responsibilities than playing with your friends and getting your homework done on time? Do you still remember, when your worst nightmare was getting grounded by your parents? That’s being carefree…and to adults that is called freedom!

I recently made a phone call to a store to place an order and as usual I was polite and I said, “Hello. How are you?”, based on previous experience it really effects the quality of service one receives. Anyhow, the young guy answered, “Hi. Well, honestly I was doing much better when my parents were still taking care of me…”. I just laughed and had no idea what to say, although it reminded me that as adults we have copious amounts of stress to deal with everyday. If you are struggling in your life with;health,work,parentood,marriage or whatever it may be, an enormous amount of strain is put on our shoulders. Sometimes, we struggle just to ‘keep our heads above the water’!

Adult colouring books, what an exciting discovery! My mother in law gave me a beatiful colouring book as a gift. I was ecstatic, because we all need a ‘time – out card’ and now I have found mine. When I go to bed at night, I try to colour a section of a page, depending on how fast I fall asleep. This is a scheduled time to allow my mind to escape from my current surroundings, trying to find peace and serenity in that moment by thinking only about the colours and drawings. I toss my suitcase aside, just like children do with their school bags, of stress and anxiety and remind myself that tomorrow is another day!

My mother always says, “Where there is a will, there is a way” and my grandfather says, “Reach for the moon, because when you land among the stars you will still be happy and proud of yourself for getting so far”. My point is that we might not get precisely what we want, but that there usually is some way to find happiness in what we already have. The key is to treat ourselves well, by creating a carefree moment everyday.

I find it beneficial to use colouring books to feel less trapped in hospital or at home when I am unwell. I think it might also be a great way to unwind after a stressful day at work or at university. To me it is similar to meditation, however the colours you use might reflect how you feel, perhaps it will give you time to do much needed introspection. You can use bright and happy colours for inspiration and to lift your own spirits when you feel discouraged.

I believe in the connection between one’s ‘mind, body and soul’. If your mind can’t be calm, how will your body ever be able to rest & recover?

Try to find your moment of peace everyday, it might not be with adult colouring books, but give your body, soul and mind time to rejuvanate, to feel inspired and enjoy your life to your full capacity.

Please tell me what you think about adult colouring books? How do you find a moment of peace everyday?



4 thoughts on “Tip 3: Can you be carefree – even if it is just for a moment?

  1. Mandi says:

    Love your blog Rachel! Congrats! 🙂 I started with colouring in but recently took up watercolour painting, not that I am any good, but it is such fun and a great escape! x


    • adoringbeautyblog says:

      Hi Mandi. Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so happy to hear that you are enjoying my blog! Yes I saw the photo on Instagram. So, so beautiful! I think you are actually very artistic. Yes a wonderful escape! I have lots of art projects, will write some blog posts on it soon.


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