Tip 2: What am I grateful for today?

To my awesome readers,

Gratitude in my opinion is rewarding, beneficial and a building block for creating a positive human perspective. We all experience times of sadness and heartache, which are natural emotions, but sometimes it can develop into something more serious, like feeling hopeless and worthless. Situations sometimes causes us to dwell on the worst things in life and develop a pessimistic mindset.

A while ago I was incredibly heartbroken and devastated to be sick, I concentrated on everything that I had lost due to the limitations set by my disease. No matter how hard I tried to fight it, it wasn’t enough. I learned that it is not always about fighting, but about making peace and accepting the reality too. I thought to myself, “Rachel, you are so negative, because of what you can’t have. You need to find a way to love yourself again and appreciate everything and everyone around you”. I decided to keep a small book on my bedside table and every morning when I opened my eyes I would write at least three things that I was thankful for on that day. Honestly, I started with really insignificant things like, “I’m thankful for my pink socks” and so forth. However, the more I did it, the longer the list became and I started to appreciate beautiful things around me that I never noticed before.

It was very important to persevere and do it everyday! It began to influence my day tremendously, it gave me the opportunity to start my day off with encouraging thoughts and eventually I was in awe of our beautiful world. I believe positivity attracts positivity. Our minds are so powerful and astonishing if we have the skills to access it. My soul slowly recovered from sadness, fear and anger. I found beauty and love within me that I thought I had lost.

Even though this helped me it might not be your ‘cup of tea’, because this is my own personal tip, but I hope it inspires you to notice the astonishing beauty we are constantly surrounded by. It might be nature, music, people, faith or a special pooch for you, but there is always something or someone worth living for.

Please share your thoughts and feelings. I am always interested in different opinions in order for us to learn from each other. To my readers, thank you so much for your support! Incredibly excited to share my next tip with you!



6 thoughts on “Tip 2: What am I grateful for today?

  1. Anìta Roodt says:

    LOVE tip no 2!! I have found a liberty in weeping! However, and this is very important, not weeping out of self-pity, but weŕng out of gratitude- as you mention- gratitude for small and seemingly insignificant things. Perhaps this is another topic for another day? But the momeljjhjnt you realize how much you have to be thankful for, all else dims bý comparison! Inspired to keep my gratitude diary from today!!


    • adoringbeauty says:

      I think that was beautifully said! There definitely is liberty in weeping, but it is still normal to weep out of ‘self-pity’. We are human after all and it is a blessing to have the ability to be thankful and positive under stressful circumstances. I hope sincerely hope the gratitude diary brings more joy to your life. PS: sometimes it is useful to watch a movie that gives you the excuse to have a good crying session. Hehe. You have to let go of your emotions too, it is not self pity, it is called being human. Gratitude is definitely a way to encourage a positive mindset and I am happy to hear that you feel inspired. Thank you for your post and support. 🙂


  2. Samantha says:

    I used to be very negative about myself and everything around me. Then I slowly started to turn that around, like you did, by taking small steps and telling myself the things I liked about me as opposed to what I didn’t like. And before I realised it, I slowly turned from being extremely negative to being more positive. We can change our mindsets, it just takes time. I am happy you found a way to turn your sadness around! 🙂


    • adoringbeauty says:

      Dear Samantha,
      Thank you for your support and for leaving a comment. I would love for this blog to be interactive and inspiring. Yes that is also what I believe, although it is still okay to have sad days, we are just humans. How we handle our emotions is what makes a difference. It is never easy, but to appreciate life truly brings a much larger amount of joy into our lives. Thank you for sharing your personal experience too, I am glad that we are able to relate with each other. I am so happy to hear that you have found a way to like yourself, you are an inspiration to us all. Love, Rachel.

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